An Evolutionary System of Care

Evocare provides a patient-centric care management ecosystem, providing real operational benefits to healthcare stakeholders. Patient and HCP activity is streamed to Evocare’s servers for analytics providing participants with insights and actionable data.

Integrate your care program with Evocare today and start delivering improved patient outcomes.


Patient Centric

Supports patients and families to manage and organise their care and participate as fully informed partners.


Delivers patient-friendly services with shorter wait-times and extended hours of service. Use of digital communications and telemedicine provide alternatives for face-to-face visits and facilitate after hours care.


Ensures care is organised across all elements of the broader health care system, including specialty care, hospitals, home health care, community services, and public health.


The delivery of therapies is optimised via a collaborative ecosystem, enabling care providers and stakeholders to support patients in an effective and compliant way.

Cost Effective

Cost savings result from the remotely managed delivery of off-site therapies. This is particularly important in the context of an increasing trend for off-site / self-administered treatments. The solution results in fewer ER visits, call outs, hospitalisations, and readmissions.


Clinicians/staff monitor quality improvement goals and use data to track patient populations and their quality and cost outcomes.