Healthcare no longer happens at a discrete point or place in time.
It is ongoing and is centred around the patient.

Evocare’s health management solutions help partners successfully exchange information across the healthcare continuum and improve quality, outcomes and performance. And ultimately, enable providers to give better care for their patients.



Evocare provides a complete, integrated telehealth service platform that brings multichannel comms together, empowering your teams to create better patient engagements. Our mobile and web service connects HCPs with patients for live, on-demand video visits and handles all the administration, security, and record keeping that modern healthcare requires.



Safely transitioning care between providers has become one of the most critical aspects of modern medicine. Our care coordination solutions improve safety and quality as a patient transitions from one care setting to another. Evocare helps build assessments, monitor results, track outcomes and make modifications in a patient’s care plan.



In today's economically driven healthcare system with an increased focus on accountability and reducing margins, insights can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. Evocare Analytics allows you to dig deeper into patient outcomes to highlight the value added by treatment therapies and protocols.