Sophisticated patient engagement helps you achieve better outcomes

In an increasingly connected world, all too often healthcare remains disconnected. A lack of continuity creates confusion for all participants, and adds unnecessary costs to the system. Considering that HCPs can spend 80% of their time repeating themselves – communicating specific care information to patients, our system seeks to avoid “throw-away” healthcare encounters. Our engagements are structured, informed and meaningful.

Evocare Engage is a patient engagement solution that combines the value of a personal health record, the power of a patient portal and the connectivity of a health information exchange (HIE). User-friendly navigation engages patients to participate with providers and take a more active role in securely managing their healthcare.

Evocare Engage allows providers to engage patients directly in the ongoing management of their care. This enables providers to monitor the patient’s compliance with care plans and initiate interventions as needed to influence behavior and impact outcomes.