Manage and coordinate the care of your patient populations

Primary care and public health have critical roles in providing for the health and well-being of communities across the globe. Although they each share a common goal, historically they have operated independently of each other. However, new opportunities are emerging that could bring the two sectors together in ways that will yield substantial and lasting improvements in the health of individuals, communities, and populations.

Evocare Exchange aggregates healthcare information from disparate sources - and then harmonises the data, delivering it to the HCP’s native workflow in an actionable format.

Evocare Exchange enables providers to shift from an individual patient view to a practice-centric population view. It aggregates lists of patients based on current need, for example identifying all patients who are not compliant with their treatment protocols. Providers, care coordinators and practice managers can view their patients’ information in real time, enabling them to manage and plan care, review status, and communicate medical events across the broad care community.